Mar 18, 2020

Former Capgemini CEO takes Chairman and Executive Director Role at Innovo Technology

Sydney, 17 March 2020 Innovo Technology Solutions, a testing and software development consultancy, has recently appointed former Capgemini CEO, Paul Thorley, as their Chairman and Executive Director.

Paul re-joins the two principal co-founders of Innovo who share an extensive history in building the Capgemini team across Australia and New Zealand.

Paul has a strong background in building cross-functional teams in the enterprise technology sector and has an impresive work history across APJ in his time as CEO of Capgemini.

Paul has worked with many leading Fortune 500, government and ASX listed companies. He brings a wealth of strategic and consumer insights for businesses that are struggling in this rapidly shifting digital space.

“We originally met Paul when Capgemini acquired our business NuSolutions over ten years ago. As a leadership team we took the $10m business and achieved 10x profitable growth over the next five years with a combination of strategy, timing and hard work,” -comments Innovo co-founder and director Nick Finlayson. “The opportunity to join forces again under the Innovo brand while the market is demanding reliable digital transformation technology partners and open banking solutions, was too good to miss.”

In his role as Chairman and Executive Director Paul will work with the Innovo board to set effective strategy and deliver on commitments, while focusing on future-proofed solutions that are customer centric.

“Our long-term strategy for Innovo is to continuously develop our operating model, empower our staff and deepen our strategic partner relationships in order to be one of the acknowledged leaders in modern IT delivery for our clients,” -Thorley comments.

“Our clients across the private and public sectors are the mid-to-large scale organisations that are all wrestling with data silos, failed cloud enablement and complex forms of digital transformation. To stay competitive and relevant in technology they need reliable, efficient and innovative technology partners that can deliver in an ever-evolving technology landscape. We’ve also got expertise and partnerships to deliver open banking models across the finance sector, which we are in the process of delivering right now.”

“Innovo delivers those solutions to our existing customers and we intend on expanding that capability by applying the best DevOps, Testing and Agile professionals who deliver reliably across various technologies, automated tools and methodology.” -Thorley concludes.

Paul’s appointment to the board is part of the latest strategic changes at Innovo which has recently undergone a rebrand and buy-out under the Enex Consulting business, as well as signing partnerships with key vendors including Mulesoft.

“Our customers across all sectors are looking for innovative yet reliable technology solutions to drive their business,” comments Finlayson. “We are committed to investing in the right talent, automated technology and methodologies to help our clients mitigate risk, reduce costs and improve revenue streams. We’re thrilled to have Paul on board and look forward to the continued growth of our team over the coming months.”


Innovo began disrupting the software development and testing industry across Australia and New Zealand in early 2017 with a focus on providing best-of-breed technology delivered by expert Testing, DevOps and Project Management professionals. Innovo’s people bring deep sector-focused knowledge to client projects, to help them mitigate risks, lower total cost of operations and open up revenue streams out of their technology investments. Innovo’s agile methodologies and technology partnerships can connect customers to provide on-demand technology solutions with deep expertise and trusted delivery.