Innovo was formed in 2014 by industry veterans from the enterprise software delivery and testing industry in partnership with a number of specific clients to address the lack of high-quality engagements experienced from existing local and global vendors. We specialise in large program delivery, DevOps alignment and organisational digital transformations.

All Innovo Directors and senior staff have extensive consulting backgrounds with large global integrators or consulting firms.
We specialise in delivering our client’s program objectives by partnering with them to transform their existing IT landscapes into their
future digital vision on time and within budget.

How it all Started


Nick & Abdullah form Enex Consulting with Enex Testlab at request of clients to fill a gap.



Initial focus

Initial focus on testing & assurance, Zurich and Department of premier and Cabinet.


Mulesoft & Salesforce Partners. Industry partner for CDR testing & Open Banking. Awarded Technology Fast 500
Asia Pacific.



Rebrand to

Innovo Technical Solutions. Focus on Solutions and managed services. Paul Thorley joins as Chairman to build on the foundations for growth

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Join forces

Innovo & Blazeclan
join forces to create
Aussie cloud ‘powerhouse’


Values and Culture

At Innovo we appreciate and welcome the fact that our culture is living and growing as we continue to evolve over time.

As veterans of the IT industry (and for that matter in most sectors) we have experienced that culture will almost always trump strategy as a determinant of business success, and nowhere more than when we look back at our previous and current clients success stories, realising that the roles we were fortunate to play were driven by our understanding and focus on their successful outcomes. The values that underpin our culture, namely humility, candour, integrity, accountability, realism, passion and collaboration have been determined through many years’ experience, and, in part, observation of ineffective organisational behaviours we have observed and experienced in larger organisations.

With our clients and partners seeking to outperform their competitors via many and varied levers, we have been seen and recognised to truly provide a difference, in particular, driving productivity and differentiation using technology. At Innovo we have huge belief in the power and creativity of Dev/Ops/Testing expertise and industry software solutions to continuously release business benefits. Many lose sight of why they are developing technology-based solutions and services, however, our obsession with business outcomes is what makes us stand apart. Our partnerships with vendors and major consulting players enable us to provide our people with professional development to “sharpen the saw” and thereby further differentiate our company.

Since the inception of Innovo and its predecessor firm Enex Consulting, our client’s satisfaction and their ultimate success in the market has been at the heart of our culture, and thereby every member of the team is driven to understand and focus on business outcomes. We strive to find the best possible solutions and outcomes, tailored to each of our clients and partners differing circumstances, technology needs, and definitions of what success looks like.


  • Valuing openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere
  • Being open to change and continuous improvement
  • Learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure
  • We instead of me


  • Being straightforward in all our conversations as we strive to find the best outcomes
  • Providing and receiving feedback professionally
  • Realising that great outcomes are predicated on a willingness to be judged
  • Free flow of information, addressing the hard problems


  • Being trustworthy and reliable
  • Practicing and encouraging open and honest communication
  • Lead by example
  • Respect for differing opinions


  • ‘Walking the talk’, doing what we say we will do externally and internally
  • Being results-driven
  • Enabling problem solving and technical expertise
  • Focus on collaboration and problem solving to drive best outcomes


  • Walking the line between unrealistic targets (optimism) and underachievement (pessimism)
  • Acknowledge challenges and work toward optimal solutions
  • Not being afraid to adopt change, being agile
  • Seeks unfiltered information to weigh, measure and evaluate to decide on the best way forward


  • Drive towards getting what we believe in, done exceedingly well. It’s about having a fighting spirit to win in our space
  • Care more than anyone else about avoiding mediocrity and creating superb results
  • Enable questioning mindset (no detail too small to sweat) to enable personnel to go above and beyond their core responsibilities
  • Enable a positive learning culture from trial and error rather than a negative ‘blame culture’


  • Facilitate an environment that encourages connecting with one another to find solutions
  • Driving a strong sense of team purpose
  • ‘Leaving titles at the door’ – ensuring equal participation
  • Harnessing the power gained by working together

Credibility & Experience

In 2005 a core group of people got together to form an Australian based testing organisation, formed in part due to the shortfalls in the local market for Australian centric solutions. Starting in a tiny office with a handful of skilled people, this quickly grew to well over 100 personnel, delivering large scale solutions to Banking, Insurance and Telecommunication clients, and expanding our range of services beyond QA.

Gathering notice within the market, and recognition by the likes of Gartner and BRW, this little Australian company was approached by top 5 international SI’s, resulting in being acquired by Capgemini in 2009 – notably with the same core team, same structures and same way of doing business.

With this new international scale, increased client base, and access to R&D capability, some of Australia’s largest transformational programs across BFSI, Construction, Government and Airline clients were undertaken, with a commensurate personnel count growing to exceed over 1000 onshore, near-shore and offshore resources and over $100 million per annum revenue.

After gaining these successes, this same core team made the decision to get back to its roots, making the difficult decision to reform as a separate entity, re-focussing on personalised services; now with a wealth of knowledge and experiences acquired to drive an expanded service offering.

This journey has resulted in the formation of Innovo Technology Solutions.

Recognised as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 organisation, we still supply the same level of personalised services, being fortunate to have retained clients through this journey, for our new clients, and working with partners such as EY, KPMG, Capgemini, MuleSoft, SalesForce and Enov8 to deliver nose to tail solutions that now include Open Banking/CDR, OB Test Conformance platform and API assets & accelerators.

From small team augmentation and specialised personnel placement, through to innovative technology solutions across Development, DevOps, API/Integration, Automation and QA, to providing larger scale ‘as a Service’ capabilities, Innovo sees a bright future on its continuing journey, one which we hope to share with you.

Benefits of using innovo

Australian owned and based utilising lean and agile practices, Innovo utilises its extensive global delivery model experience to deliver tailored solutions to meet our client partner outcomes.
With a focus on quality as a core of our delivery model, our partners can expect benefits including:


Quality focused, pragmatic approach


Delivering holistic solutions



Client Outcome Focussed

Across quality,
cost & time

Timely Solutions Delivery

With an eye on
future needs

Partners & Clients

Collaboration is key to delivering innovative solutions – by having the right partners we can deliver technology and services that enhance and drive capability focussed on comprehensive business and technology outcomes.

Beyond traditional augmentation and product on sell, we are proud to include amongst our partners leading global solution integrators, international CRM, ERP, and integration solution providers, as well as talented local technology firms whereby we partner to design, develop and deliver business and technology solutions.

With some of Australia’s largest and most innovative Banking, Insurance, Education and Government agency clients partnering with us to enable their transformation to best of breed QA, DevOps, Development and Integration organisations, with focus on their drive to enable digital and API economies, Innovo can provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.