Innovo is a leading Australian-owned provider of Intelligent Automation solutions.

With our proven track record of agility and velocity matched with innovative methods we deliver transformational business and technology solutions for our client and partners across banking & financial services, telecommunications, federal & state government agencies, transport, and retail.

For any organisation that is seeking to transform and optimise their business, technology solutions must align to, and support, quality business outcomes. This is why at Innovo we utilise our extensive business consulting background with our technological know-how to ensure optimal business outcome success for our clients and partners, one which are able to enable locally with Australia or through our delivery centres in Manila and Colombo.

Intelligent Automation Approach

Innovo has developed a distinctive approach to automation by utilising the UiPath business automation platform. This method enables us to champion “Automation as a Culture,” thereby connecting the commercial aspects of automation with IT.

At Innovo Technology Solutions, we’ve been leading the way in innovative and effective automation consulting and engineering solutions for over nine years. Embracing the philosophy of “Automation as a Culture,” our approach integrates technology seamlessly across various industries. Our team has a strong background in new business development, customer relationship management, and consulting.

From the preparation of board-level reports on benefits realisation to managing change across enterprise employees overseeing the digital workforce, our responsibilities cover a wide array of tasks. This culture-driven approach extends to business case preparation, enterprise discovery, and every stage of automation, including builds, deployments, enhancements, and maintenance.

The Innovo team is with you every step of the way, dedicated to weaving automation into the very fabric of your business, ensuring success, and nurturing a culture that embraces innovation and efficiency.

Our Automation capabilities cover:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Benefits realisation framework
  • Machine Learning 
  • Process and Task Mining
  • Business Process Optimisation
  • Intelligent Documentation Processing
  • Orchestration and insights
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Business Case Development
  • Automation maturity assessment – Nine pillars readiness

Intelligent Automation


Automation partner of choice.

The significant capabilities of the UiPath solution across test automation, Robotic Process Automation has been a major factor in Innovo selection of them as our automation partner of choice. UiPath is the only vendor that provides a single automation platform for Test Automation and RPA where assets can be re-used, resulting in reduced implementation effort and significant cost savings.



Intelligent Documentation Processing

IDP helps organisations integrate with other core business applications, minimise human intervention, handle challenges associated with reading complicated document formats, and fulfill legal and compliance requirements.

In addition, processes that are meant to streamline work and create efficiency often end up causing bottlenecks. From invoices, legal documents, or correspondence – these can be time consuming and costly if processed manually. This creates a situation where there is no room for error as everything has an importance with high volumes of paperwork needing quick attention before they become outdated.

With the help of these technologies, semi-structured and unstructured documents can be processed, and it has increased the accuracy of data being extracted. IDP follows key phases “Data Capture”, “Data Extraction”, “Data Validation”, “Data Integration”.

As part of our Intelligent Automation consulting suite of capabilities, Innovo offers an Intelligent document processing converts unstructured data by utilising technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to classify, categorise, extract, validate the extracted data and convert into digital records. The system is able to learn how different types of data should be formatted so it can process them more efficiently over time without human intervention – and without  compromising quality.

The Innovo Intelligent Document Processing solution can extract, digitise, and record data/text for enhanced and scalable business utilisation. This in turn enables Innovo to drive document transformation and digitisation into real world value-added products. Whether your processes are on premises or cloud based, our best practice methods allow for deployment of this solution that delivers considerable ROI.

We’re experts at transforming documents so they have the greatest value. Utilising our proven methodologies and solution enables IDP to be deployed and utilised efficiently with significant benefits delivered within short timelines.”

Process and Task Mining

Process and Task mining are technologies that provide the visibility to the organisation how operation process looks like and call fully unlock the benefits of automation. Process mining identifies the company wide bottlenecks and inefficiencies in a operational workflows and processes. Task Mining discover the possibilities for automation of specific and business driven workflows. The process of intelligently mapping workflows can help you uncover valuable opportunities for automation, reducing complexity quickly.

Understanding how an enterprise works at every level is crucial to ensuring that workflows are successful. We utilise Intelligent Automation to mine process and task data from users, applications as well other sources in order generate insights which can help identify optimisation initiatives for your business.

An enterprise can be a complex ecosystem of processes, and it’s difficult to understand which elements need improving. Process mining focuses on collecting (macro) data from line-of business applications in order understand how these workflows operate at scale with accuracy so that you can make informed decisions about what areas should be improved upon or automated entirely for maximum efficiency.

Our Intelligent Automation consulting team uses Intelligent Automation software and enhanced manual process discovery tools to provide our customers with a more complete picture for automation opportunities. This results in higher quality process documentation that speed up your return on investment even further.

Task mining is an innovative way to identify tasks that may be overlooked by the business but are crucial for keeping workflow operational. These small, tedious jobs can include transferring data from one system or process and working around failures in current ones – all of which will generate instant value.

Undertaking task mining incorporates the process of identifying tasks that take up unnecessary time and resources. There are a variety of ways in which this can be done, including with software installed on individual user’s computers or through interviews conducted by experts who understand how people use their computer different than what’s optimal for them.

The key thing about task mining isn’t just getting data from users but rather understanding why they’re doing certain things when actually there may not need any input at all.

Business Process Optimisation

The Innovo Business Process Optimisation solution provides the framework to model day-to-day, repeatable workflows in an organisation. This enables us to create efficient processes that deliver maximum value for our enterprise while aligning with IT strategy and wider business goals.

Utilising Intelligent Automation to map workflows provides an accurate representation of all the processes within your business, as well as for automation involved and where users interact. This is crucial to maintain optimal performance and compliance when considering changes that might impact other parts in automation eco-system.

The mapping process can be complex because it must take into account how these changed actions may affect other automated tasks–a dynamic environment like this requires sophisticated Intelligent Automation tools designed just for managing change over time.

The Innovo BPO solution approach to optimising business processes can have a major impact on the way companies undertake business processing; reducing costs, increasing productivity, and driving efficiency, whilst also providing an improved employee experience.

Innovo provides a number of services to help optimise your business processes and save you time. Our team works with client stakeholders in order identify information that needs handling, as well pinpoint any improvements within the process design itself so rework can be avoided or significantly reduced for more fully automated procedures which increase productivity overall.