innovo is a leading Australian owned provider of consulting, technology and engineering solutions.

We deliver digital transformation expertise in cloud, DevOps, digital development, quality assurance & testing. We combine agility and speed of delivery with world class methodologies together with our global delivery model for the benefit of our Australian clients and partners across banking & financial services, telecommunications, federal & state government agencies, transport and retail.

Quality Assurance & Test Services Advisory

Determining the right solution for our client, ensuring quality driven outcomes, assessing the readiness of the client to move to the next stage and planning today to profit tomorrow are vital to delivery success.

Innovo’s Advisory Services provide consultancy advice on everything that we deliver – from providing advice on where enhancements can be made on deliverables, to developing solutions to ‘make it real’, thereby working towards valued ‘trusted advisor’ status. Offering a holistic view on enhancements and improvements, by acting as a true advisor, asking the difficult questions – then delivering the outputs – that truly makes a difference. We not only provide advisory services, but also solutions, thereby offering benefit realisation to clients on the investments they have made.

From small organisations beginning their quality journey through to large well-established test practitioners,

Innovo’s suite of advisory services provide our clients and partners with the mechanisms to identify their current quality state, develop a tailored quality blueprint for change, and realise benefits though:

  • Increase in overall test maturity
  • Holistic alignment between business and technology streams
  • Optimisation of people, processes and tools
  • Efficiency and scalability uplift, with standardisation of the test practice
  • Cost reduction whilst improving overall quality
  • Transformation aligned to your organisation need


At heart, Innovo believes that DevOps is an overarching
philosophy seeking to effectively combine people, processes, tools and practices within an organisation – with the aim to increase the ability to deliver applications and services at a high velocity, with focus on development, operations and infrastructure.

Utilising Agile and Lean practices, Innovo promotes DevOps collaboration, shared goals, measurement, improvement, and in particular, automation of what were previously manual activities….with Quality

World Quality Reports 2018-2019

“all but 1% of (WQR respondents)
organisations are now using DevOps practices”

....focus is no longer on whether to move to DevOps,
rather how to refine their DevOps approach”

“....increases the importance of automation, since one
cannot derive the full benefit of agile and DevOps
without automation”


Constant change is now the benchmark for software development. Coupled with the pace of change and corresponding time to market expectations that are now the ‘new normal’ that methods such as DevOps and Agile espouse, organisations struggle to maintain up to date and consistent development capabilities.

At Innovo, we understand that Development Engineering is hard, especially maintaining consistent quality delivery teams. We offer our clients capability to deliver engineering success across disciplines such as:

  • Web
  • Mobile Application
  • Data/Data base related specific capabilities
  • Integration/API
  • Systems
  • Cloud computing

Program Services

Program Project Delivery

Where program and project management capability are required on your programs, Innovo can ensure that certified, industry specific management is available to you – whether your challenge is governance, project delivery or PMO maturity/capability.

Delivery Consulting

From test analysts through to full stack developers, Innovo are committed to providing the best resources that meet your requirement as and when you need them.

Capability Uplift

Need an expert? Whether it is DevOps, testing, automation or security we have fully capable experts available to drive your outcomes, as well as provide ‘go to’ expertise and advice for your organisation.


As a Service

Sometimes you need a team of capable resources to meet your objectives. All our offerings can be delivered holistically through setup of a tailored team that is outcome focused and committed to delivering the best solution that you require.


Innovo can leverage its wide partnership chain to obtain tooling to suit your needs.

Open banking

On 26 November 2017, the Australian Government announced the introduction of a consumer data right (CDR) in Australia. The CDR will give consumers greater access to and control over their data, and will improve consumers’ ability to compare and switch between products and services, encouraging competition between service providers – leading not only to better prices for customers but also more innovative products and services.

This has led to Innovo developing product and service solutions specifically for the Open Banking industry; an Open Banking framework which is comprised of:

Open Banking Solution Overview

  • Full lifecycle solution enabling conformance to Open Banking standards, across:
    • Pre-registration enablement for all process requirements, technology standards, compliance procedure and verification results
    • Full set delivery of pre-registration of open banking compliance artefacts and documentation, including process and technical conformance submission documentation
    • Accreditation submission and response management for Data Recipient
    • End to End solutions for Data Holders
    • Post accreditation continuance, maintenance, and support services
    • Strategy – Design-Build – Conform – Operate

  • Utilising compliance and technical experts to provide holistic advisory, consultative, development and delivery services

  • Delivering compliance across API, InfoSec, Consent & Entitlement, and Non- functional validation to enable technical and business conformance verification, InfoSec Security accreditation, and proof of conformance attestations required by ACCC

  • Utilisation of technology products and enablers to drive velocity and quality of delivery:

  • Underpinned by the CCP platform

Open Banking API Asset Accelerator

In conjunction with our partner MuleSoft, we have jointly developed an Open Banking API Asset Accelerator suite, leveraging MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, to pre-build an entire suite of open banking APIs built to standards specified by the CDR regulators. In addition to the leading edge functionality and benefits available within the MuleSoft platform, the assets developed:

  • Are compliant to standards
  • Promote re-usability
  • Accelerate development of e2e OB solutions
  • Reduces effort and cost of implementation
  • Reduces overhead of maintaining regulatory and compliance currency
  • Configurable for future change

Integration Service

From short term specific integration technology focused activities (such as design, build and test of Soap/REST API’s) through to multiyear holistic E2E product and project integration, Innovo has assisted multiple clients across a wide range of industries to develop, test, enable and manage their integration solutions.

These have included activities from Open Banking API design and build to regulatory requirements, though to total management and delivery across integrated program governance, architecture, design, build, test and operationalising large scale new technology implementation involving process, data and integration transformation.

With BFSI, Government, Energy, Airline, Transport, Construction, Education and Telecommunications industry clients having utilised Innovo services and offerings across bespoke through to large scale CRM/ERP integrations, Innovo have expanded to include offering aligned with our partnerships with organisations such as MuleSoft, SalesForce and Enov8.

As a logical extension, our partnership with MuleSoft enables integrated architecture, design, development, and testing services across the integration space.

With our joint focus on cloud integration and connectivity, our combined solution offerings complete the solution picture across inception, integration, connectivity and verification, in turn allowing our client base ease of use, increased effectiveness through scalability and re-use, and most importantly allowing them to focus on business outcomes.

Beyond standard offerings of architecture and development, our partnership with MuleSoft has allowed the development of Consumer Data Rights (CDR) solution architecture, business model and API asset accelerators, critical for compliance and regulatory activities in the integration space. Quality verification is a component we recognise as key to any successful program delivery, and our partnership with MuleSoft has enabled our MuleSoft specific testing services. Whether Waterfall, Agile or DevOps, Innovo has a range of manual and automated solutions to ensure your MuleSoft program delivers success with quality.

Innovo has developed an in-house SalesForce specific capability in alignment with our SalesForce accredited partnership.

This capability area has been developed to comprise of a core team to provide Salesforce specific capability beyond standard Salesforce related offering of architecture, development, and functional consulting, to include as a key focus automation and testing. This has led us to develop several standard models for SalesForce components that are tailorable to individual client requirements.

From Contact Data Model, Journeys, Service/Sales Cloud and Communities through to Apex, Lightning and HEDA architecture, our wide range of services and associated SalesForce capable personnel can provide the quality driven outcomes needed to ensure your successful SalesForce implementation.

Key points

Certified practioners across architecture, business analysis, functional consulting, administration, development and project management

Providing Advisory consulting, solution enablement, solution delivery and QA

Bespoke solutions, leveraging salesforce partnership, for individual client circumstances